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I was fresh out of school and newly employed. My boss, who soon became a dear friend, brought a fruitcake to the office right before Christmas. Since I have never liked fruitcakes, I hesitated to try it. OMG. It was love at first bite. This cake was full of many types of nuts, cherries, pineapples and raisins. Not all the "stuff" that gives fruitcakes a bad name.

I just had to have the recipe. She sat down at her manual typewriter and typed it from memory. She shared a bit of the history with me, telling me that her eighty some year old neighbor had given it to her. By now, 2014, I am estimating the recipe is probably at least 80 years old.

My dear friend passed away suddenly in 1986. She never knew that I later moved close to her home, had two sons and two granddaughters. But, every year when I look at the recipe that is now tattered and yellow, I feel her presence and know she is thrilled that I have carried on her tradition. Perhaps this is why I am so passionate and put all my time, love and energy into the baking of each cake. I have never had a dissatisfied customer.

The only change to the recipe has been the name. Since fruitcakes are connected to Christmas, I decided on Celebration Cake. This cake is perfect for any occasion, holiday or just to serve with a cup of coffee or tea when a friend stops by.

So, the time has come for me to venture into the website world and see what life will bring.
My loving friend, Joyce, will guide me on this wonderful journey.

My home kitchen has been certified by the state as a home bakery!

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