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If you are skeptical of fruitcakes, I promise you will not be disappointed after taking your first bite of this cake. I have baked 1,000 plus cakes over the past years and have never had a dissatisfied customer. My faithful, loyal customers return year after year and usually order more than one.

Each Celebration Cake is personally made by me, using only the best, high quality ingredients. They are full of choice walnuts, black walnuts, pecans and almonds. The fruits consist of pineapple, cherries and raisins. Added to this is butter, pure cane sugar, flour, eggs and pure vanilla, with a dash of love and happiness thrown in !

Not only is this cake perfect for Christmas and gift giving, but can be enjoyed for any holiday or occasion, or no occasion at all! A slice of Celebration Cake along with a cup of coffee or tea, perhaps shared when a special friend drops in is "as good as it gets."

Each cake weighs approximately 2 lbs. 8oz., wrapped in cellophane and placed in a classy tin.
Celebration Cakes will last for at least a month if wrapped tightly and refrigerated. They also freeze very well and will last for several months.

These delicious cakes are made just north of Richmond, Virginia in Hanover County. Local customers can contact me directly to avoid shipping costs and I will arrange to meet you at an agreed upon location.

My home kitchen has been certified by the state as a home bakery!

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